Longboard Surf Contest

Congratulations to Naomi Mather and Matt Le Maitre for winning the 2022 Longboard Surfing Contest 🙂

The Longboard Surfing contest was held at Vazon on Saturday 21st May 2022 with a small swell in the alcove and on the reef. A big thanks to Cooper Brouard for sponsoring the contest and all the judges who helped run the comp.
First in the water was the women’s with Ruth Hurst, Florrie Cooper, Bea Smith, and Naomi Mather competing with Naomi opting for the lefts on the Vazon reef while the others surfed the alcove. With some very close surfing in waist to chest high waves Naomi Mather took the win followed closely by Ruth Hurts in second place, Florrie Cooper third and Bea Smith in fourth place.

Next in the water for the men’s semi-finals heat, were Jeffery Babasa, Ben Ralph, James Cooper, and Matt Le Maitre with Matt Le Maitre and Ben Ralph progressing through to the finals. In the second heat of the semi-finals were Harry Hider, Greg Le Tissier, and Ed Cooper in a very close heat with Harry Hider and Greg Le Tissier making it through to the finals.

The finals was a closely fought match with any of the surfers looking like they could take the lead, Matt Le Maitre took a long right on the reef that gave him the edge to take the victory winning the competition closely followed by Ben Ralph in second place, Harry Hider in third place and Greg Le Tissier in fourth place.

1st – Naomi Mather
2nd – Ruth Hurst
3rd – Florrie Cooper
4th – Bea Smith

1st – Matt Le Maitre
2nd – Ben Ralph
3rd – Harry Hider
4th – Greg Le Tissier

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