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2018 Cold Water Classic

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COLD WATER CLASSIC | Held On: 24 March 2018.

Congratulations to Johnny Wallbridge who place 1st in today’s Cold Water Classic held pumping surf at Perelle closely followed by Jake in 2nd, Tom Colley 3rd and Andy who took 4th. It was great watching with an excellent standard of surfing in epic Perelle comp conditions. Good to see juniors Tom & Ethan pushing themselves and both holding their own with some excellent waves and young Tom making the finals. Thanks to everyone the took part and big thanks to Kev W, Chris and Martin for help judging.

COLD WATER CLASSIC | New Date 24 March 2018.

Entrants must be Guernsey Surf Club members, more details and times to follow nearer the date.

Points from this competition will go towards selection of the CI squad with the plan to hold a CI Champs this May. The current plan is to hold the seniors CI’s in Guernsey and the Juniors over in Jersey later in the year. More details to follow soon.

For updates keep an eye out on here, and on our Facebook page.