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November 2019

The Wave Bristol

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The Bristol wave pool has just opened and I’ve caught up with Tom Hook who’s just returned from surfing The Wave to ask him a few questions about his trip.

The Wave is an inland surf destination where everyone can surf on consistent, safe waves all year round. It’s the first inland surfing venue in the northern hemisphere to use Wavegarden Cove technology providing over 1,000 waves an hour.

Thanks to Tom Hook for this Q&A, Photos & Videos about this new surf venue.

How did you get there?

I flew with Blue Islands to Bristol airport and then we hired a car. The
drive was about an hour to the Wave Pool from the airport.

Do you need to take your own gear?

I did take my own gear, however they can provide everything you need at no
extra charge. I would advise, if you’re taking your own wetsuit, to make
sure it’s a warm one as the water is cold!

Cost of using pool / how do you book it. By the hour or day?

I had an early rider membership, so had a free session but booked others so
I had five hour long sessions over the weekend. It’s £30 for a child and I
think £40 for an adult. You can choose to surf a right or a left and the
level. I chose to mix it up and surf both lefts and rights on the advanced

Tom Hook Surfing The Wave Bristol

Accommodation – can you stay there?

I think they will be offering accommodation in the future but the Wave
recommended a place called the Bowl Inn, which was five minutes away and
really comfortable and did good pub grub too.

What is the venue like?

There is a long walk from the car park to the pool but this could be a good
warm up! You’ll need it! There is a cool restaurant and a few food stalls so
plenty on offer and great viewing points to watch the surfing. They also
have hot showers and changing rooms you can use.

What is the wave like to surf?

The wave was very consistent, it will be good for training. The wave wasn’t
that big when I was there but they will be able to make the wave setting
bigger. In an hour’s session you could probably surf up to twenty waves. If
you’re at the front of the queue you could snag a couple of waves in one

Tom Hook Surfing The Wave Bristol

Can anyone go or do you need to be a good surfer?

There are different settings for different levels of ability being advanced,
intermediate and beginner. You will want to try and be in a group with
similar ability for the system to flow well.

Best part of the trip?

This was my first time surfing an artificial wave and it didn’t disappoint.
Obviously surfing was the best part of the trip but it was cool to watch

Would a Guernsey wave pool be good for tourism?

It would be incredible to have a wave pool here and I’m sure it would
attract loads of tourists and be awesome for the locals too. The Bristol
Wave is powered using renewable energy so it’s not a drain on the

Would you like to surf it again?

Yes definitely, I’d love to go back and try some of the more advanced
settings when they’re available.

Tom Hook Surfing The Wave Bristol

Tom Hook Surfing The Wave Bristol

The Wave Bristol

To find out more about the The Wave and book your stay head over to their website