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April 2016

Unusual boards and great waves

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Weird and wonderful crafts littered the shores of Perelle today as surfers gathered to take part in a charity event to support Autism Guernsey. The brain child of Will Jones the only criteria to enter was that you had to surf something out of the ordinary and boy were some of the boards out of the ordinary! When you throw these outlandish craft into the fairly solid swell that has pummelled our shores over the past 48 hours all hell tends to break loose and everyone who entered were battling both the conditions and their equipment. We ran two heats of 10 surfers with the emphasis on fun and four categories being judged: best wave, best manoeuvre, best wipeout and overall winner of each heat. After a great days surfing £260 was raised for Autism Guernsey. Special mention also needs to go out to Joseph Gaudion who took on some serious left handers on a board that can best be described as almost unridable. Thanks you to everyone who took part.


Heat 1

Winner – Gregg LeTissier

Best wave – Danny O’Hara

Best Manoeuvre – Chez Merrien

Best wipe out – Si Jackson

Heat 2

Winner – Jon Wallbridge

Best wave – Tom Colley

Best Manoeuvre – Will jones

Best wipe out – Tim Gaudion