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June 2016

The Junior Series

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UPDATE! Contest is On for tomorrow. 

***Surf Contest Sunday 19th March***

After a winter of hibernating, the Guernsey Surf Club will be aiming to run the first of its 2017 contests this coming Sunday 19th March.

We will aim to hold the final Under 18s junior series comp in the morning at Vazon followed by the mens open in the afternoon at Portinfer.

Please can the under 18s meet at Vazon reef at 10.00am where we will aim to get up and running straight away.

EVENT 1: July 17th 2016

EVENT 2: August 6th/7th 2016

EVENT 3: September 10th/11th 2016

Held over three weekends throughout the summer the Junior Series, supported by Morgan Sharpe is the perfect place for up and coming junior surfers to test themselves against their piers and gain valuable contest experience in a fun and relaxed environment where parents can come along (parents are encouraged to help push their kids into waves if needed) and support their future surf star.

Parents – Sign your kids up for this sociable surfing contest that puts the emphasis on Fun!

The Contest will work on a leaderboard system over the three events and best two results count after which an overall champion will be crowned and prizes given to the top placed finishers. And to make it even more worth your while all entrants will get a free event t-shirt and sticker.

Follow this link or use the online payment form below to enter. Contact us at [email protected].

Please either use the online payment form below or use the printable form on the button link below and send with your entry fee payment to the following address:

Tim Le Compte
7, Lemon Grove
La Route Des Jenemies
St Saviours