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Gilo Wave Garden

Wave Garden

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By Gilo Robilliard 

Photo by Wave Garden. 

When we left Guernsey in January – I was super annoyed about the consistent Swell ! My Dad promised me that my time would come – and here we are today ! 

As soon as things began to open up and we could travel further we booked our first session at wave garden in Bristol with no expectations. It was probably the clsoest place we could go to with guaranteed waves …… 200-300 per hour ! 

We left Sussex at 6 am in the morning and we were scraping ice of the windscreen and by the time we reached Bristol it was 23 centigrade and beautiful sunshine ! 

The walk from the car park to the place is a long one – I’d advise bringing a skateboard. It’s a 20minute walk or a 10 minute skate. 

The staff are super friendly and helpful from the check in to the time you get there. Wetsuits and foamies are included in the price. You can also hire a selection of other boards if you want. 

I did the advanced session and towards the middle of the hour they crank up the settings. Steeper and quicker take off and faster sections. There’s a small barrel section if you are small enough. 

The take off varies slightly with each set – I found the 3rd wave in the set was consistently the best. 

There’s a powerful rip to get you back out for the next set which saves your arms. 

I caught 13 waves in my hour long session. Great value for money. I had an hour break before a 2nd session – if possible I’d leave a little longer. 

Also ,there’s plenty of space and a great surface to skate around when you’re there. The staff are really encouraging and helpful. 

Make sure you bring your sunscreen on a hot day as there was no shade ! 

Overall the experience was great ….. so good that we went back 5 days later. 

Gilo Wave Garden
Photo by Wave Garden