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March 2017

Cold Water Classic

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Contest is On for tomorrow.

After a winter of hibernating, the Guernsey Surf Club will be aiming to run the first of its 2017 contests this coming Sunday 19th March.

We will aim to hold the final Under 18s junior series comp in the morning at Vazon followed by the mens open in the afternoon at Portinfer.

Please can the under 18s meet at Vazon reef at 10.00am where we will aim to get up and running straight away.

Registration for the Mens open will be at 12pm sharp at Portinfer. No late entries will be able to be accepted. Entry is £5 and entrants must be Guernsey Surf Club members.

Points from this competition, along with 2 other contests throughout the summer and autumn, will go towards selection of the CI squad later in the year.

Any questions please shout, otherwise we’ll see you then.

For updates keep an eye out on here, and on our Facebook page.