Insurance Policies Summary

The insurance policy for all GSC members is provided by Rossborough and organised by the Channel Islands Surfing Federation ‘CISF’ to provide cover for all Channel Island surf clubs and there members that is part of the CISF. The CISF recently met with Rossborough and asked them to send a summary of the policies (see below).

In summary, we have the following insurance in place:

Public Liability Insurance
i. Premium £2,761
ii. Policy runs from 1st May 2020 – 30 April 2021
iii. Covers accidents to all CISF Club members (no cap on number of members and Jersey Boardrider Club have been added) and 3rd party injury
iv. Covers public liability upto £1m and Product liability upto £1m, with an excess of £500
v. Territorial limits are CI waters, UK waters, Atlantic coast of France and Republic of Ireland
vi. This insurance also covers events we hold in the CI (incl Rip Curl and CI Champs)
vii. Cover extended to include personal liability of members (the surfers don’t need to be on Club events/trips to be covered, eg if on holiday surfing in Hossegor and have an accident they are covered)
viii. It is a requirement of the policy that all instructors dealing with children and vulnerable adults must be DBS registered – please can each Club check this for any events/trips/training they undertake and confirm to me that this is adhered to.

Management Liability Insurance
i. Premium £650 (increasing to £750 at renewal)
ii. Policy runs from 14 July 2017 – 13 July 2018 (will renew around these dates)
iii. This covers any claims or litigation against the Committees/Managers of the CISF and its Clubs (see below)

Personal Accident, Sickness and Business Travel Insurance
i. Premium £459
ii. Policy runs from 18 September 2017 – 17 September 2018
iii. This covers personal accident/liability and compensation for loss/damage to belongings and delays/cancellations for surfers who are travelling as part of an activity organised by the CISF or its Member Clubs
iv. This is worldwide but does not cover accidents at an actual event (which should be covered by the insurance the event organiser would take out)
v. See attached policy details for financial limits

Public Liability Extension for events outside of CI, UK, France and Ireland
i. We took out an extension for the Japan Worlds last year for a cost of £250 which added additional cover for this event only
ii. We may want to look at additional cover for specific events however Rossboroughs did question whether this was needed as the above should cover us well in their view. Saying we should check with the event organisers what event insurance they have to ensure we are covered whilst competing (this is not something which Rossboroughs can arrange and is best done by the event organiser).