Throughout our tempestuous and swell-laden winter of 2013/14 mother nature provided a feast of opportunities for intrepid local photographers who were happy to brave the brutal conditions.

One such photographer is James Machon who’s stunning images of the Open Men’s comp had everyone frothing. We caught up with James to have a look through his portfolio of work, find out more about this talented image maker and what makes him tick:

1: How long have you been interested in photography, what first sparked your interest?

I got my first decent camera 25 years ago although I never really learned how to use it properly. Then I got distracted by girls, surfing & golf…….. for about 20 years! Four years ago I bought a decent camera for some project work, I then used it to take photos of my stepdaughter doing athletics competitions and before I knew it I was bitten by the bug. I joined Prism Photography Club in 2012, did heaps of training courses, entered competitions and practiced as many new techniques as possible. Like every photographer I am always chasing that ‘shot of a lifetime’.

2: Your landscape work is particularly stunning, is that your main area of interest, do you have any favourite spots for shooting?

I really enjoy landscape work, that said every conceivable angle of the island has been captured by numerous photographers so being able to travel overseas is where landscape photography really gets exciting. Lihou and the surrounding area is one of my favourite local spots. Honestly though I really enjoy all types of photography, making the best of any subject matter is always a challenge whether the subject is a person, beach or a bottle of beer.

3: Do you have any tips for people starting out (equipment, how to fame shots, times of day to shoot etc.)

Don’t get hung up on spending a fortune on day 1, entry level DSLR cameras & lenses can deliver superb results once you know a few basics. Learn how to use the camera in manual mode and watch Youtube blogs & DVD’s, Karl Taylor’s DVD’s are superb and have helped me hugely.

4: Who are your favourite photographers?

The wildlife photographer Danny Green is awesome and certainly one of my favourites, people should look him up on Facebook! Also Karl Taylor, he is world class and has an excellent way of explaining complex subjects so that students can learn the required skills.

5: Do you have a wish list of places, subjects you’d like to shoot?

In 2015 I am looking into doing a photography project in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, yes I know it is macabre but this is a place that I have always wanted to visit. I would also love to shoot the Monaco Grand Prix. If I could pick two famous people to shoot (with a camera of course) it would be Kate Moss & Robert De Niro.